About LoopDLoopKids

Loop D Loop Kids™ is a new fun children brand that provides inspiring content. Our content enhances self-confidence and encourage children to overcome fear! With this new way of thinking children can view life in an ego-less perspective. We use music, animations, children books, and short films to accomplish this goal. I know you are probably wondering what makes us different? What makes Loop D Loop Kids™ different is that we create radio quality music that both parents and children can LOVE and ENJOY while at the same time still incorporating powerful messages. What do we consider being successful? Being successful is about being kind, helpful to others in need and more importantly being happy. Being happy about passing a test that you studied hard for, learning to tie your shoes or even a baby learning to walk and talk, having a goal of being a teacher, doctor, entrepreneur or sports player. These are all areas of success. In order to be successful you must work hard for your goals and dreams. This is what we need to teach our children. We need to teach our children that fear is just an illusion and that anything they want to be in life, they can accomplish it. With a humble heart, great manners, a drive for success and Loop D Loop Kids™ positive fun music, they can put their minds to anything!

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